About us

Our mission is to democratize Machine Learning technologies.

  • Raúl Garreta

    Raúl Garreta

    CEO & Co-Founder

    BS in Computer Science. Machine Learning and NLP reasearcher, author and professor. Previous Founder & CTO at Tryolabs machine learning dev shop. Science fiction fan and traveller. Passionate about building products and businesses around hi-tech.

  • Federico Pascual

    Federico Pascual

    COO & Co-Founder

    BS in Business Administration with a solid background in digital marketing. An entrepreneurial mindset and digital marketing and sales rockstar. Backpacker at heart, wannabe musician and programming enthusiast.

  • Gonzalo Saavedra

    Gonzalo Saavedra

    Engineering Manager

    BS in Computer Science dropout. A self-taught developer passionate about the UNIX philosophy. Held CTO and engineering positions in various tech companies. Yoga Master.

  • Rodrigo Stecanella

    Rodrigo Stecanella

    Data Science Manager

    BS in Computer Science. Machine Learning and NLP expert and outstanding developer. At nights develops his musician talents as guitar player and singer.

  • Javier Couto

    Javier Couto

    Research Engineer

    PhD in Natural Language Processing from Paris-Sorbonne University. Solid experience in international research projects, both in the industry and in the academia, holding posts as Research Engineer, Consultant, R&D Team Manager and Lecturer. Avid writter and dad.

  • Diego Ventura

    Diego Ventura

    Business Development Manager

    BS in International Affairs. Sales and Marketing hacker with a scientific approach. Held business dev and marketing positions in numerous companies. Chef cook and marketing professor.

  • Gabriel Mordecki

    Gabriel Mordecki

    Data Science Developer

    BS in Computer Science. Machine Learning and NLP expert. Sports guru and Celtics fan.

  • Bruno Stecanella

    Bruno Stecanella

    Data Science Developer

    BS in Computer Science student. Our favorite millennial and rapper.


Individuals who made it happen

  • Ernesto Rodríguez

    Co-Founder, Investor & Board member
  • Eduardo Mangarelli

    Investor & Board member
  • Martín Alcalá Rubí

    Co-Founder & Investor
  • Mario Val

  • Gabriel Colla

  • Martín Naor

  • Pablo Realini

  • Eyass Shakrah

  • Martín Giura

  • Nicolás Bistolfi

  • Stephen Blum

  • Kyle Wild

  • Babak Rasolzadeh



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