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Our mission is to democratize Machine Learning technologies.

Raúl Garreta
CEO & Co-Founder

BS in Computer Science. Machine Learning and NLP researcher, author and professor. Previous Founder & CTO at Tryolabs machine learning dev shop. Science fiction fan and traveller. Passionate about building products and businesses around hi-tech.

Federico Pascual
COO & Co-Founder

BS in Business Administration with a solid background in digital marketing. An entrepreneurial mindset and digital marketing and sales rockstar. Backpacker at heart, wannabe musician and programming enthusiast.

Gonzalo Saavedra
Engineering Manager

BS in Computer Science dropout. A self-taught developer passionate about the UNIX philosophy. Held CTO and engineering positions in various tech companies. Yoga Master.

Rodrigo Stecanella
Data Science Manager

BS in Computer Science. Machine Learning and NLP expert and outstanding developer. At nights develops his musician talents as guitar player and singer.

Javier Couto
Research Engineer

PhD in Natural Language Processing from Paris-Sorbonne University. Solid experience in international research projects, both in the industry and in the academia, holding posts as Research Engineer, Consultant, R&D Team Manager and Lecturer. Avid writter and dad.

Diego Ventura
Business Development Manager

BS in International Affairs dropout. Sales and Marketing hacker with a scientific approach. Held business dev and marketing positions in numerous companies. Chef cook and marketing professor.

Gabriel Mordecki
Data Science Developer

BS in Computer Science. Machine Learning and NLP expert. Sports guru and Celtics fan.

Bruno Stecanella
Data Science Developer

BS in Computer Science. Our favorite millennial and rapper.

Hernán Correa
Data Science Developer

BA in Linguistics. Areas of interest include NLP and semantics. Linguistics teacher in the field of speech and language pathology. Researching reading and writing practices in education and psycholinguistics. Father of two. Amateur pianist. Loves snakes and other reptiles.

Riley Maguire
Business Development Gringo

Spanglish Jedi. Done a bit of everything as a founder, growth, and business development profile. Experience with acceleration and investment programs in Europe and Latam. SF Giants fan. Bringing baseball and bbq smokers to Uruguay.

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  • Ernesto Rodríguez

    Co-Founder, Investor & Board member

  • Eduardo Mangarelli

    Investor & Board member

  • Martín
    Alcalá Rubí

    Co-Founder & Investor

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