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Analyzing customer support interactions on Twitter with Machine Learning

We are seeing new trends in customer support. Some companies are starting to have a different social media appearance, trying to appear more hip and cool (probably actual words used by executives). Instead of making their social media managers behave in a professional servile-like fashion, these companies opt instead to communicate in a more […]

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Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton: sentiment analysis on Twitter mentions

Election day looms closer and closer every week. US Politics are rapidly becoming the preferred conversation topic for millions of Americans and non-Americans worldwide. What are these people saying? What do they think? What are their opinions? How do they feel?

We are using machine learning to find out! For the past few months, we’ve […]

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Analyzing #first7jobs tweets with MonkeyLearn and R

Contributed by Maëlle Salmon, creator and maintainer of MonkeyLearn R package.

Have you tweeted about your #firstsevenjobs? I did!

#firstsevenjob and #first7jobs tweets initial goal was to provide a short description of the 7 first activities people were paid for. It was quite fun to read them in my timeline! Of course the hashtag was also used […]

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Giving voice to the messages in social media on a public space

Contributed by Esteban Sarthou, Diana Delgado and Mariana Souza, co-creators of Fuentes Alternas.

Fuentes Alternas is an artistic intervention of the public space. At a city square, eight loudspeakers are arranged in a circle and in each one passerby can hear music that alludes to a certain emotion and a voice. This voice is generated from messages sent through Facebook […]

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The future of AI is on the cloud

Contributed by Cecilia Abadie, Director at APX Labs.

Trends are a great way to predict the future, and predicting the future gives you a chance to be ahead of the curve and make the right decisions for the future of your product or service.

Back in 2008, Nicholas Carr predicted that the future of the internet […]

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HashRobot: a social media assistant built with MonkeyLearn

Contributed by Ryan Smith, co-creator of HashRobot.

HashRobot is a social media assistant we built with MonkeyLearn that helps Twitter users pick the right hashtags for their tweets. With HashRobot it’s easy to identify the most popular hashtags within a certain topic. Twitter users can add these hashtags to their tweets to have an edge in getting more views […]

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Welcome to MonkeyLearn 101 applications blog series!

MonkeyLearn was founded on the belief that developers, startups, and SMEs in every industry deserve access to customizable and affordable artificial intelligence technologies for text mining.

As a transversal internet platform, MonkeyLearn could be used in almost any internet vertical, enabling developers and startups to easily create and incorporate text mining capabilities into their own […]

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