Documentation and community manifesto

Documentation and community manifesto

We believe that documentation is one of the most critical assets that a developer-focused product can create.

A clear and well-written documentation makes it easy for developers to understand an API. A thoughtful documentation makes it faster to get answers to questions. And a robust documentation saves developers huge amounts of time.

We feel that superb documentations (like those docs found on Stripe, Algolia and Twilio) make life much easier for developers and improve the overall experience of dev tools.

Within MonkeyLearn we are committed to the notion of doing all the heavy lifting for any developer interested in doing text analysis using Machine Learning. Our goal is to take the pain out of machine learning, so developers can focus on what’s important: spending time and resources on their core product development.

Being geeks and developers ourselves, we know that a great documentation makes the difference when using a product.

New Knowledge Base

With this in mind, a while ago we decided to improve our documentation and dedicate the time and resources it deserves.

Today we are launching a brand new Knowledge Base where developers can have all the information structured, categorized and well displayed, all in one place.

New FAQs

FAQs usually are often an afterthought and are rarely considered as an opportunity to quickly resolve problems and reduce frictions. User success is a priority for us so we are launching a brand new FAQ section.

Since we launched MonkeyLearn one year ago, we have learned a lot and have discovered some cool insights on what are the questions, pains and problems our users have. We have updated our FAQs to reflect these learnings.

Community Forums

We are really surprised on how well developers have received MonkeyLearn. We are honored and grateful for all your support (you guys rock). We want to give our small but awesome community of developers the place they deserve.

Today we are launching our Community Forums, the central hub of MonkeyLearn community discussions and chatter.

This is the place where you can:

  • Ask for support.
  • Suggest new features.
  • Give feedback to our team.
  • Show what you’re working on.
  • Check out the cool things others are doing.

The community forums are also a great place to interact with other MonkeyLearn developers if you need to build or expand your team.

Our mission in MonkeyLearn is to democratize the access to Machine Learning technologies to empower every developer to build the next generation of intelligent internet applications.

We need your help

We know this new documentation it’s far from being perfect, but it’s a good first step towards the right direction and we will improve it continuously over time.

Your feedback is key and will enable us to create the best documentation possible for MonkeyLearn. So, please let us know any thoughts and suggestions you may have, every feedback counts.

Federico Pascual

Federico Pascual

COO & Co-Founder @MonkeyLearn. Machine Learning. @500startups B14. @Galvanize SoMa. TEDxDurazno Speaker. Wannabe musician and traveler.


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