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[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to create a custom text classifier

[VIDEO TUTORIAL] How to create a custom text classifier

MonkeyLearn public models are great if you are a developer looking to resolve particular text mining tasks in a fast and easy way. Public models are models that have been already trained with text data and are ready to be integrated via a web API to platforms, applications and websites.

But one of the hidden gems of MonkeyLearn is the possibility to create your own text analysis model from scratch, customized for your needs. Turning developers into data scientists, developers can upload text data and train a custom machine learning model to do exactly what they need. Customized models enables many different types of applications that could be developed with MonkeyLearn.

We have made the following video tutorial to show how to create a custom text classifier with MonkeyLearn step by step:

Please don’t hesitate to write us to if you have any questions or need help building a custom model.

Federico Pascual

Federico Pascual

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