Public and ready-to-use modules

Public and ready-to-use modules

Our main goal with MonkeyLearn is to make text analysis simple.

We want to enable developers, marketers, salespeople, customer support representatives and entrepreneurs without any knowledge or experience in natural language processing or machine learning to take advantage of these technologies by having access to a powerful, customizable and affordable platform for text analysis.

With these things in mind, users have two basic ways to use MonkeyLearn:

By using public modules, users can have an easy and fast way to incorporate text analysis capabilities to their apps or workflows. Public modules are modules that have been already trained with training data and resolve particular text analysis tasks. They are ready to be integrated via a web APIZapier or our Google Sheets integration.

These modules are implementations to common particular applications including:

General use:

Sentiment Analysis:


Check out and explore the public modules here. New public modules will be continuously added and improved by the MonkeyLearn team.

Federico Pascual

September 4th, 2014

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