Top Sentiment Analysis Services & Tools For Your Business

Top Sentiment Analysis Services & Tools For Your Business

Sentiment analysis captures the emotional tone that lies in online text data, like social media posts, reviews, and survey responses, and provides insight into customer satisfaction. 

Using an online sentiment analysis tool, you can automatically analyze brand sentiment in real-time, immediately identify customer requests that are urgent, quickly sort surveys and customer reviews, and much more.

There are many sentiment analysis tools that can help you get started in a simple way, without writing a single line of code. Depending on your needs, you can opt for a pre-built solution or build a custom sentiment analysis model.  

Read on to learn about the best sentiment analysis services.

Best Online Sentiment Analysis Services

  1. MonkeyLearn | Build a custom sentiment analysis model  
  2. Lionbridge | Multilingual training data for sentiment analysis
  3. Lexalytics | Extensive customization options to analyze sentiment
  4. Sentiment Analyzer | A fast tool to identify sentiment in text
  5. Rapidminer | Sentiment analysis tools for all skill levels
  6. Repustate | Analyze sentiment in social media data


MonkeyLearn is a very intuitive machine learning platform, which you can use to analyze unstructured text. It has a highly accurate pre-trained model for sentiment analysis, which you can try right away – no sign up needed. 

If you prefer a solution tailored to recognize specific words and expressions within your industry, you can build a custom sentiment analysis model, and train it with your own data and criteria until it gets as smart as you need it to be. The whole process is fast, simple, and requires absolutely no coding skills. 

Finally, you can easily connect your model to the apps you love, like Google Sheets, Excel, Zendesk, or Zapier, via one-click integrations.


Lionbridge AI provides companies with human-annotated training data to build machine learning applications. This service helps you speed up the process of building a sentiment analysis model and saves you valuable time and resources, by outsourcing the task of labeling large-scale datasets.

You need to upload your data to the platform and define your use case specifications, so Lionbridge’s network of contributors can tag each piece of text as positive, negative, or neutral. This service allows you to label text in more than 300 languages and dialects.


Lexalytics is a pioneer in text analysis solutions, and was the first to launch a commercial sentiment analysis engine back in 2004. 

You can perform sentiment analysis through an on-premise solution (Salience) or via a cloud-based API (Semantria) ‒ which you can integrate with third-party apps. This is a good option if you are looking for a highly customizable NLP tool since it offers an array of features you can fine-tune to meet your needs.

Sentiment Analyzer

Sentiment Analyzer is a basic tool that can give you a quick idea of the positive or negative emotions within a piece of text. You just have to copy and paste your text, then click on “Analyze text” and you’ll obtain a sentiment score in return. Scores range from -100 (very negative tone) to +100 (very positive tone).

However, this tool is not suitable if you’d like to analyze a whole dataset, or you are looking for a customized solution.


Rapidminer is open-source software for text mining that boasts sentiment analysis solutions adapted to all skill levels, from data scientists to non-technical users. 

Through their Auto Model product, you can access built-in models for sentiment analysis and easily adapt them to your needs, with no code involved. If you prefer to build a custom model to analyze sentiment, you can do it with RapidMiner Go


Repustate is a fast, flexible, and reliable text analytics API designed to handle social media data. It offers a refined tool for sentiment analysis that allows you to analyze sentiment at a document level or scoped to a particular topic or semantic idea (aspect-based sentiment analysis). 

The API supports multilingual data and can identify the emotional tone of emojis, hashtags, or short forms. It also includes many customization options, so you can adapt this tool to industry-specific language or different use cases.

Final Words

With sentiment analysis, you can reveal the emotions behind your digital data and gain powerful insights to improve your brand, products, and services. 

Sentiment analysis can be a game-changer for businesses.

There are many sentiment analysis services out there that you can use to implement natural language processing (NLP) technology into your day-to-day processes. If you are looking for a fast, low-code, no-code solution, MonkeyLearn is a great fit.

Its user-friendly interface allows you to build custom sentiment analysis models in just a few steps, and connect them with the tools you already use. 

Request a demo from MonkeyLearn to get started with sentiment analysis right away.

Rachel Wolff

June 16th, 2020

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