Customer Service

Improve your customer support with Machine Learning

Automate manual tasks and power up your support team's triage, routing and ticket tagging.
Reduce response times.

Eliminate manual and repetitive processing

  • Save time by automatically tagging new incoming tickets.

  • Ensure consistent tagging criteria without errors.

  • Make your support team more efficient.

Automatically prioritize tickets

  • Work on the priority cases first.

  • Put more urgent tickets at the top of your team’s to-do list.

  • Consistently prioritize incoming tickets based on your own team’s criteria and customers' urgency.

Obtain reporting and insights

  • Track customer needs over time, understand how your business is growing and responding.

  • Identify how to improve self service channels.

  • Obtain valuable feedback about your products and services.

Integrated with the tools you love

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also using our API

Which models are our clients in Customer Service using?

Public Classifiers

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Sentiment Analysis

This is a generic sentiment analysis classifier for texts in English. It works great in…

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E-commerce Ticket Classifier

Classify tickets for e-commece into categories such as Fraud, Missing Item…

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Emotion Classifier

Helps to detect emotions in support tickets (e.g.: anger, disappointment, or happiness)…

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Urgency Detection

Detects if human action is needed, for example, to respond to a question or request…

Public Extractors

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Keyword Extractor

Extract keywords from text in English. Keywords can be compounded by one or more…

Custom Models

Automatically Tagging Tickets

Categorize and tag incoming tickets based on their content…

Prioritizing Tickets

Route priority tickets depending on your own criteria…

Auto-response Classifier

Filter for repetitive tickets that can be automatically responded to…