What is Extraction?

Extraction modules are used to extract data from text, that is, the result you are looking for exists within the text. The main difference between classification, is that in classification the result may be a prediction of a label, tag or category, that usually is not present within the text and has to be predicted […]

Extraction Quick Start

There are many public extractors that you can use to extract data from text. Each extractor focuses in extracting different types of information form the selected text. The following quick start shows how to use the Entity Extractor. Enter to the public Extractor Just click in the desired extractor: Use the extractor API First you […]

Public Extractors

Here we describe each of the public extractors that you can use. Entity Extractor Description Extract Entities from text using Named Entity Recognition (NER). NER labels sequences of words in a text which are the names of things, such as person and company names. This implementation labels 3 classes: PERSON, ORGANIZATION and LOCATION Implementation This […]

Custom Extractors

We are working on integrating custom extractors too, so our users can build their own extractors that fit their needs, it it will be available soon. If you need a specific extractor for your project, we invite you to write us an email to hello@monkeylearn.com describing what you need to extract, so we can get us […]