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Process data from an Excel file?

  • Hi, was wondering, can monkeylearn process data from an Excel file? Thanks


    Hey Ryan, that’s a great question!

    We have customers processing data provided by an Excel file. These customers have made some basic scripts (it can be done with some basic programming skills) and they call MonkeyLearn API to process and enrich the data on these type of files (like performing topic classification or sentiment analysis on each row of the file).

    We do have plans to add MonkeyLearn to BlockSpring to make it as easy as possible to process data within an Excel file or a Google Sheet file using MonkeyLearn. We are working on this integration already so we can have it available to all of our customers soon (hopefully less than a 2-3 months).


    Please also keep me updated when this is released.


    Sure Eric! I will let you know when its released :)


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