Analyze thousands of texts in Excel with Machine Learning

How it Works

1. Choose Excel Spreadsheet

Decide which Excel spreadsheet you want to process with MonkeyLearn.

You can automatically analyze customer survey results, NPS responses, product reviews and text data in your spreadsheets.

Excel Spreadsheet

2. Choose Model

Choose the machine learning model you want to use to analyze the spreadsheet automatically and apply the corresponding tag.

You can use pre-trained models such as sentiment analysis or keyword extraction or use a custom model built with your tags and criteria.

Select a model for analyzing your Excel spreadsheets

3. Upload An Excel File

For any model, either public or custom, you can upload text data for analysis in the "Batch" option of the model itself.

Once uploaded, the texts will be processed with the selected model. Then, a new file will be downloaded with the predictions added in a new column.