Professional Services

Hire Data Scientists for your project

  • Benefits

    Discuss your challenges with our experts, reduce ramp-up times.

  • Process

    Our engineers will design and build custom modules for your particular needs.

  • Result

    A custom machine learning module that will run on top of MonkeyLearn platform.

Our services include

  • 1. Define Model

    Usually a particular solution involves classification, extraction, clustering or a combination of them.

  • 2. Gather training data

    Training data is our fuel. It can be from different sources like web scraping, social media or APIs.

  • 3. Curate & tag data

    Filter duplicates, normalization, encoding, formatting. Create tagged training and testing sets.

  • 4. Train

    Tune parameters, test with multiple comination of settings.

  • 5. Evaluate

    Detect weaknesses and elements to improve within the model.

  • 6. Customize

    Your particular use case may need to do some customization in our platforms or implement new features.

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