Sales & Marketing

A more efficient sales and marketing team with text analysis

Let machine learning take care of the grunt work and give you more insight into your sales and marketing campaigns

Eliminate manual processes

  • Automatically classify sales email responses and enrich lead profiles.

  • Filter out unqualified leads from landing pages and marketing campaigns.

  • Alert team members of online mentions that concern their area of work.

Take action faster

  • Identify and work on the priority leads more quickly.

  • Put the leads who are showing most interest at the top of your SDR’s pipeline.

  • Detect potential PR crises in social media and take immediate action.

Track trends over time

  • Obtain actionable insights from outbound sales campaigns.

  • Understand how your brand reputation evolves over time and which message has a better response.

  • Research your competition and understand what people like and dislike about them.

Integrated with the tools you love

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also using our API

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Public Classifiers

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Outbound Sales Response Classifier

Classify outbound sales email responses based on subject…

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Sentiment Analysis

Detect sentiment in online mentions and conversations with leads.

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Role Seniority Classifier

Classifies job titles into categories corresponding to seniorities such as "executive…

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Role Position Classifier

Classifies job titles into categories corresponding to positions within a company…

Public Extractors

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Email Cleaner & Last Reply Extractor

Extract the last reply from an email thread. A cleaning model...

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Keyword Extractor

Extract keywords from text in English. Keywords can be compounded by one or more…

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Summary Extractor

Summarize text in English. Given a text, the output will be a shorter version of it that maintains its meaning...

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Opinion Unit Extractor

Extracts opinion units from a given text. Useful to separate paragraphs or sentences into...

Custom Modules

Lead Qualification Classifier

Detect for qualified leads by company descriptions and…

Upsell Opportunity Classifier

Find upsell opportunities in ongoing conversations in…

Auto-response Classifier

Filter for repetitive conversations that can be automatically responded to…

Article Topic Detector

Process through newly published articles to create alerts for the ones that…

Custom Sentiment Classifier

Make your own sentiment classifier with your own…