Welcome to MonkeyLearn Blog!

Welcome to MonkeyLearn Blog!

Howdy! Welcome to MonkeyLearn Blog!

We will try to share a little bit more about MonkeyLearn, talk about exciting news, discuss new features, share behind the scenes photos and more.

Welcome to MonkeyLearn Blog!

We will also use this blog to help users understand MonkeyLearn and explain how to use our text mining toolkit, with tutorials and videos. Plus, we will share different MonkeyLearn applications that could be useful for a particular type startup or company.

Lastly, we will discuss everything related to text mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We LOVE what we do and we will share news, videos, papers, software and platforms related to all these topics.

Please remember that any feedback is welcomed.

Chat soon, take care!

Federico Pascual

April 1st, 2014

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