Power up Zendesk with Text Analysis

Automatically tag incoming tickets using Machine Learning. Stop spending time tagging, routing and prioritizing every single ticket. Let AI do the work for you.

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Eliminate manual and repetitive tasks when processing tickets

  • Save time by automatically tagging tickets in Zendesk at scale in real-time.

  • 100x faster than doing it with humans.

  • 50x cheaper than doing it with humans.

Make your support team more efficient

  • Ensure consistent tagging criteria, 24/7, no errors.

  • Reduce response times with automatic routing and prioritization.

  • Learn from your data with customized tags.

Obtain reporting and insights

  • Directly integrated to Zendesk.

  • Build customized reports with your own BI tools.

  • Query your data with standard SQL or API.

How it Works

Install our Zendesk integration to automate ticket tagging in these 3 simple steps.

1. Install the Integration

Go to the page in the Zendesk Marketplace and click install. Once installed, you’ll need to provide permissions and add your MonkeyLearn API key.

2. Choose Fields to Automate

Choose the machine learning models you want to use and map them to the ticket fields you would like to tag automatically.

In settings, you can select the automation confidence level you would like to apply to the tagging automation.

3. Activate the Integration

With the integration activated, MonkeyLearn will automatically begin to tag incoming tickets with the selected machine learning models.

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