Create A Word Cloud with A Free Online Word Cloud Generator

Create word clouds from text to discover topics that are mentioned most often in your documents, or brighten up a report. Either way, MonkeyLearn’s Word Cloud Generator can help you create a visual representation of your data in seconds.

How to Create a Word Cloud Online

Online word cloud generators enable you to create tag clouds with ease. However, some tools are more intuitive and accurate than others. 

MonkeyLearn's AI-powered word cloud tool has a  simple user interface, allowing you to gain accurate insights quickly and easily.

It’s a great text analysis tool to get started with. Equipped with advanced algorithms, MonkeyLearn’s word cloud generator automatically detects collocations (words that often go together), reduces words to their root form (a process known as stemming), and determine which words are most relevant.

Learn how to create word clouds from your data it in four simple steps, or watch our video tutorial:

1. Upload Your Data to The Word Cloud Generator

Choose your text source and upload it to the word cloud tool by pasting text, or uploading a document. Click on ‘Generate Cloud’.

uploaded data in a word cloud generator's text field

2. Generate Word Cloud

You will see your word cloud in a matter of seconds. Notice words that have been grouped together, for example ‘task management platform’ and ‘awesome free program’, in the word cloud below.

word cloud generator results

word cloud generator results showing keywords, keyword relevance scores and count

3. Customize Your Word Cloud

Tweak and modify your word cloud with different formatting tools. Edit original text, choose from themes, colors, and fonts, and adjust the number of words that appear in your word cloud.

Examples of customization options, including color, word quantity, and font, in Monkeylearn's word cloud generator 4. Download Your Word Cloud

Download your word cloud as a high-def SVG or PNG image, along with your word list in a CSV file. The images you create can be used in reports, presentations, and more.

Final customized word cloud with a black background and colorful keywords downloaded as a PNG image

Now that you know how to use MonkeyLearn’s WordCloud Generator, let’s explore other tools to create word clouds.

Other Word Cloud Generators

A list of some of the other most popular word cloud tools online:

  • TagCrowd: offers several options for tailoring word clouds, including language and word limits. 
  • Wordclouds: allows you to paste or upload text, or enter a URL, and create clickable word clouds.
  • WordItOut: easy-to-use word cloud tool with various customization options.
  • Jason Davies: this tool's algorithms can generate archimedean or rectangular layouts.
  • WordArt: formerly know as Tagul, this intuitive word cloud creator can create fun and artistic shapes
  • Wordle: a simple interface makes this a popular tool. You'll need to download the desktop solution.
  • ABCYa: created by teachers and designed by children with highly visual customization buttons

Go Further with Word Analysis

It’s easy to get started with word clouds with the help of online tools like MonkeyLearn. 

Keep in mind, though, that word clouds should be used as a starting point for doing text analysis. They provide quick insights at a glance but won’t help you make key decisions about your business. 

For more advanced text analysis tools that provide you deeper insights, visit MonkeyLearn or request a demo.

Rachel Wolff

March 25th, 2020