MonkeyLearn – Top AI Word Cloud Tool

MonkeyLearn – Top AI Word Cloud Tool

A word cloud, or tag cloud, is a visual representation of keywords within a text. It displays words and phrases from small to large to demonstrate how frequently they appear within the text.

Word cloud tools help highlight the most important words and themes in any text: public speeches, books, documents, social media posts, customer feedback, etc.

While there are many word cloud generators to choose from, there’s a new word cloud tool that might just sway you with its powerful AI.

MonkeyLearn’s AI-powered word cloud tool is free and easy for everyone to use.

Its artificial intelligence has the ability to recognize word pairs or connected phrases, like “Google cloud platform” or “predictive analytics”, as seen in the cloud below, often missed by other word cloud creators.

MonkeyLearn's word cloud tool, showing word pairs like 'google cloud platform' and “predictive analytics”

The word cloud generator shows how many times each word appears in the text and even assigns a relevancy score to each word, which is calculated by multiplying the relative term frequency by the IDF score (a score that measures the uniqueness of a word).

You can change the font or text color, color theme, word grouping, number of words that appear in the cloud, or simply click ‘Edit Text’ to remove irrelevant words.

Once you’ve finished customizing your word cloud, download your results in high-quality formats like SVG and PNG, as well as a CSV file with your list of words and their relevance scores.

You can also jump right into more advanced MonkeyLearn text analysis tools, from right within the generator, like this sentiment analyzer:

Test with your own text



If you’re interested in gaining deeper insights from your data, you might want to try visualizing sentiments in word clouds, first by splitting your data into positive and negative using the sentiment analyzer, and then by pasting each dataset into MonkeyLearn’s word cloud tool.

MonkeyLearn Vs. Other Word Cloud Tools

Here’s a quick comparison of MonkeyLearn’s word cloud tool vs. other cloud generators:, WordItOut, and Jason Davies. We scraped 2550 Zoom reviews from Getapp using Dexi, cleaned the data, and analyzed it using each of the word cloud tools.

MonkeyLearn vs Other word cloud tools: AI-powered word pairs vs no multi-word support
  • MonkeyLearn’s powerful AI automatically detects word combinations (e.g., “Zoom meeting”), even multi-word phrases.
  • Most other cloud tools simply don’t recognize that words are related at all, or require you to manually combine them.
MonkeyLearn's easy navigation vs other word clouds that are hard to navigate
  • MonkeyLearn’s word cloud tool is up-to-date and super user-friendly. There are no ads, and the straightforward interface doesn’t require any directions – it’s all right there. Upload CSV files in a snap.
  • Other word cloud tools look decades old, and some require plug-ins that are outdated or completely unusable on certain browsers. You can waste time just trying to figure out how to use them. And, of course, pop-up ads are always annoying.
MonkeyLearn's options to download: CSV, PNG, SVG. Other word clouds provide low-res image options
  • MonkeyLearn is free, with no sign-up. Download your MonkeyLearn word cloud in seconds as a high-res PNG or SVG file, appropriate for huge screens or to be printed out for presentations. You can even download as a CSV, for further data crunching: get a list of your top keywords and how often they appear.
  • With other word cloud tools you have to enter an email to download; they don’t let you download at all; or it’s a simple low-res image and hardly usable. 
Word frequency and relevance scores
  • Based on complex algorithms, MonkeyLearn's word cloud tool gives a relevancy score to words within your cloud (as well counting the number of times they appear). Because it’s not just frequency that determines word importance. And you can easily change the number of words that appear in your cloud.
  • Some tools only offer a set number of words that can appear in the cloud, or you have to delete them manually. And few of them actually count the frequency of each word, let alone have any AI that could score relevancy. 

The Take Home

There are dozens of free word cloud tools available online. Some are designed for simple fun, some for art, and some for serious analysis. But MonkeyLearn will provide more accuracy than most free word clouds, thanks to its powerful algorithms,

Word clouds are just the ground floor of the exciting world of AI-powered text analysis tools. If you’d like to try out more advanced word analysis tools, sign up to MonkeyLearn for free and learn about what text analysis can do for you.

Rachel Wolff

May 21st, 2020

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