8 Sentiment Analysis Tools to Monitor Social Media Data

8 Sentiment Analysis Tools to Monitor Social Media Data

Sentiment analysis tools are a cost-effective and fast way to analyze huge volumes of opinion data that humans simply would not be able to process efficiently.

Equipped with natural language understanding (NLU), sentiment analysis tools can automatically understand text just like a human would, so you can know exactly what you’re doing right and wrong without spending hours trawling through data.

Read on to compare the top social sentiment analysis tools online.

8 of the Best Sentiment Analysis Tools 

There are many open-source sentiment analysis resources, but you’ll need to be highly experienced in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) if you want to build sentiment analysis tools that can deliver accurate results.

Instead, why not opt for software as a service (SaaS) sentiment analysis tools? They’re ready-to-use and you won’t incur huge upfront costs.

Read more on building vs buying software if you need help deciding.

1. MonkeyLearn

Best for: Easy-to-use tools, highly customizable, simple integrations.

MonkeyLearn is a powerful SaaS tool that integrates simply with applications you already use, like Excel, Google Sheets, Zendesk, Zapier, and more. APIs are also available in all major programming languages, with little coding necessary.

Upload Twitter data directly to the app, or connect your data sources directly to ready-to-use sentiment analysis tools to monitor your social data in real time. You can even build your own sentiment analysis tool without writing a single line of code and tailor it to your data type and industry (maybe you use industry-specific language)

Once you’ve connected sentiment analysis tools to your social media data, get instant insights with MonkeyLearn Studio, a data analytics suite that combines text analysis and data visualization all in one place.

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2. Brandwatch

Best for: Brand management focused strategies.

Brandwatch focuses on social influencer and customer listening strategies to provide companies with a full picture of brand sentiment and brand strategy.

Their Consumer Research platform offers “the industry’s largest archive of consumer opinions” with data from 100 million sources and 1.3 trillion individual posts. Their opinion catalog goes all the way back to 2008, so you can use the wisdom of history to aid in brand decisions.

Brandwatch offers unique tools like “image insights,” which allows you to search your brand’s logo, find out where it’s appearing online, and provide insights into how customers view each appearance.

Brandwatch offers unique tools like “image insights,” which allows you to search your brand’s logo, find out where it’s appearing online, and provide insights into how customers view each appearance.

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3. RapidMiner

Best for: Full-service assistance with data prep and analysis.

RapidMiner aims to provide a complete package of sentiment analysis tools to take users from data prep, to machine learning, through model deployment.

Their Auto Model provides automatic extraction and built-in sentiment analysis for fast implementation and ease of use. And RapidMiner Studio allows you to fully customize models and integrate applications.

Their platform relies heavily on their unique visual design that’s great for quick comprehension or presentations to investors and stockholders.

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4. Brand24

Best for: Monitoring online reputation 24/7.

Brand24 is a social listening tool designed to follow and analyze brand status in real time, allowing users to get ahead of negative mentions and use the positive mentions to their advantage.

The Mentions tab filters and graphs all mentions by sentiment, the Analysis tab shows things like shares, interactions, and likes, and the Summary tab shows the overall reach of a brand, product, or campaign.

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5. MeaningCloud

Best for: Tailored sentiment analysis models.

With MeaningCloud you can create custom models or merge your own. Their platform emphasizes “global polarity value,” a term they coined to signify the general opinion expressed in a given tweet, blog post, or review. This value is analyzed against other social mentions or other brands and products to understand a company’s “global sentiment.”

Their Social Media Analytics offers marketing targeted to your audience according to context, behavior, and attitude. And they’re “Voice of the Customer, Voter, Citizen, etc.” can help consolidate opinions and identify trends.

Explore pricing.

6. Clarabridge

Best for: Integrating with customer service tools.

Clarabridge Engage addresses social media monitoring with a solid eye on customer service and overall customer satisfaction. Clarabridge seeks to create direct interaction with a company’s customer base, connecting businesses with their customers, wherever they may be.

Their Unified Inbox combines email, online chats, and social media notifications into a single interface, to allow a comprehensive, real-time view of recurring topics. This allows you to see how issues from different platforms relate to each other (or don’t).

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7. Hootsuite

Best for: Tracking data across multiple social media platforms.

Hootsuite offers easy integration across all major social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, Foursquare, and Google+, and more. You can set up unlimited social streams and organize tabs and filters for easy access and sharing with coworkers.

When you see a post in need of action or response, you can simply and easily assign it to the appropriate team member. Use filters to search, like date, demographic, and geography, to access the exact data you need from anywhere, when you actually need it. 

Hootsuite Insights provides a holistic view of your data to provide the findings you need to make informed decisions.

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8. Repustate

Best for: Training a variety of analysis models with APIs.

Repustate is interested in total data security. You can use a Repustate server in-house or the safety of your personal cloud. Their multilingual analysis offers instantaneous, worldwide evaluation that can be perfect for multinational companies who may not have employees on the ground in every market.

Repustate incorporates a number of techniques across nearly every social media platform for comprehensive results. Their APIs are highly customizable for industry-specific language and targeted data hunting.

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Get Started with Sentiment Analysis on Social Data

Brand monitoring is essential for businesses that want to respond quickly to their customers’ needs and maintain their reputation on social media.

Analyze sentiments in twitter data, Facebook comments, Instagram posts, and so much more.

Staying up to date about how customers are talking about your brand, products and services on social media, can help you create a better customer experience and lower churn rates because you can spot issues and respond right away.

Track sentiment on the go and over time, so you can understand how customers feel at different points in time. Learn how customers talk about your competitors and identify their weaknesses.

Start saving time and money with ready-to-use sentiment analysis tools that can deliver highly accurate insights 24/7.

Request a demo to explore MonkeyLearn's tools, and get started with social media sentiment analysis right away.

Tobias Geisler Mesevage

April 20th, 2020

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