Custom Machine Learning for Builders

Build and train your own machine learning models in a few simple steps. No coding required.

  • Build custom topic classification, sentiment analysis and keyword extraction.

  • Import your data, define tags, and train models in a simple UI.

  • Models are trained in our cloud and will be instantly available for production.

Pre-built Text Analytics Models

Use ready-made text analysis models and integrate with a few lines of code.

  • Choose from a range of pre-trained classifiers and extractors for a quick start.

  • Easily deploy pre-built sentiment analysis, intent classifiers, keyword extractors, and more.

  • Process your data in seconds, via CSV, API or Zapier integrations.

Beautiful API, SDKs and Docs

Built for developers by developers, a powerful yet simple solution for natural language processing.

  • Scalable infrastructure, ready for production.

  • Built-in open source SDKs for major languages.

  • Detailed API documentation for a great developer experience.

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Megan Merrick

Associate Director, Innovation and Brand Experience @ Freshly

“Being able to look at feedback in one central location has been huge for us, [...] MonkeyLearn essentially allowed me to analyze data without bothering our data team.”

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Corey Nunn

Operations Analyst & Client Services @ MoxiWorks

“MonkeyLearn has streamlined our ticket routing processes, as well as given us newfound control over creating custom ticket responses to high-impact issues.”

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Danny Cole

Director of Web Services @ Golden Proportions

“I was alarmed to see some of the assumptions I made were wrong. MonkeyLearn’s dashboard helped me understand what was happening at a more granular level.”

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Savannah Krenzel

Software Engineer @ Garmentory

“With all MonkeyLearn changes, they [site moderators] have already cut down a third of their time… It was such a quick turnaround it was refreshing.”


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