Best NPS Software 2022: Top 10 Net Promoter Score Solutions

Best NPS Software 2022: Top 10 Net Promoter Score Solutions

Your customer experience can only be as good as the software backing it. 

Ensuring you are utilizing the best possible net promoter score (NPS) software for your business is crucial for effective, future forward customer experience management.

Similar to customer experience (CX) software, NPS software can streamline your customer feedback approach by eliminating busy work, freeing you and your personnel to focus on high-end strategy.

The sneaky secret of feedback analysis is that CX teams get stuck in the mud gathering, preparing, and analyzing data. But, by arming yourself with the right tools, you can sidestep this. Then, you can spend your time as you intended - using the data insights that your tools distill to make customer and product driven decisions that drive up business.

Modern NPS software offerings are more than capable of taking care of your NPS survey customization, distribution and preparation needs. This article will explore the best options on the market today.

Click through the following links for background on what NPS is, what constitutes a good score, how to modify your NPS questions, the data behind NPS, and last but not least, some advanced techniques to drive results.

Or, if you are ready, continue on to learn the in’s and out’s of NPS software and deep dive into the best products out there. 

  1. What is NPS Software?
  2. Best NPS Software Top 10
  3. Takeaways

What is NPS Software?

NPS software are applications designed to deliver Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys to customers. The software also often features integration that can analyze results, track changes, and analyze results to detect variation in feedback in order to keep customer experience (CX) teams informed.

The NPS survey itself is composed of a close-ended (quantitative) question designed to gauge overall satisfaction paired with an open-ended (qualitative) question to draw out the ‘why’ behind the customer’s score. 

The open-ended question measures customer satisfaction, by asking how likely a customer is to recommend your company to a friend on a scale of 1-10. The results are tabulated amongst all responses, divided into three groups (Promoters 9-10, Passives 7-8, and Detractors 1-6). The NPS formula is applied to derive your overall score, somewhere between -100 and +100.

Employee Net Promoter Score Chart showing 9-10: Promoters, 7-8: Passives and 0-6: Detractors

Your score in a vacuum is only really valuable as a benchmark for improvement. It’s here that the open-ended question really comes into play.

The open-ended question investigates the primary reason behind the customer’s response, drawing out the drivers behind their satisfaction level. Unpacking these drivers is key to improving your NPS and thereby increasing your customer loyalty writ large.

All of the following NPS software options help you do this by simplifying your survey delivery process from start to finish. Let’s go through the main differentiators that we will use to explain each.

Best NPS Software Top 10

While the number of NPS software options seems to grow by the day (unsurprising given that 76% of customer experience leaders have already invested in analytic software options), the perfect fit software for your business is out there. 

Bearing this in mind, we’ve settled on four major categories to distinguish between the software that’s out there. The end goal is for you to walk away with the software best-equipped to empower your particular CX needs. 

The categories will be:

  1. Best for: Here we will hone in on what features make the products outstanding and for what purposes. For instance, some may be more focused on survey delivery for small-to-medium businesses, whereas others might be the best for marketers and others still focused on providing the greatest possible customizability. 
  2. Strengths: We’ll underline where the products excel. The areas of focus will be UI, ease-of-use, compatibility and power.
  3. Weaknesses: Here we will get into where the product falls short. This category will deal the most with comparison to other products, thus further differentiating which options are best for different needs.
  4. Cost: We’ll outline the pricing plans available and where they stack up amongst the competition. Then, we’ll link you to the service’s home site pricing pages where demos and free trials are offered.

Here are the services we will be looking at today (feel free to click through):

  1. SurveyMonkey - Best for Survey Delivery
  2. Hotjar - Best for User Behavior NPS
  3. Delighted - Best for Omnichannel Survey Delivery
  4. SurveySparrow - Best for Advanced NPS
  5. AskNicely - Best for Customer Retention
  6. InMoment - Best for Closing Feedback Loops
  7. GetFeedback - Best for Pairing with SalesForce
  8. Survicate - Best for Customer Segmentation
  9. NiceReply - Best for Marketers and Support
  10. MonkeyLearn - Best for NPS Analysis

Without further ado, let’s get into the first of our options:

1. SurveyMonkey - Best for Survey Delivery

Best for: Survey Delivery

With it’s simple interface, spate of pre-programmed options, and easy to interpret layout, SurveyMonkey is the natural option for those seeking to get their first NPS survey campaign up and running. 

Strengths: Ease-of-use

Above all, SurveyMonkey is designed to help you get your surveys out there with its simple interface, easy onboarding, and plenty of pre-built options. It’s many out-of-the-box delivery options, as well as its ability to easily integrate with other business software, is built to help you get going faster.

Weaknesses: Power, Customizability

SurveyMonkey is focused on delivery over analysis, and as such greatly benefits from being paired with a powerful feedback analysis-focused platform such as MonkeyLearn’s to make sense of the responses it gathers. 

Cost: Low

SurveyMonkey is a bargain compared to its NPS software peers, and they offer completely free basic functionality. However, getting higher-end results may mean you need to pair it with a powerful CXM platform. Paid pricing ranges from $25 to $75 per user/month with more comprehensive Enterprise and Targeted Response options available as well as personal plans - check out all their plans here.

2. Hotjar - Best for User Behavior NPS

Best for: User Behavior NPS

Hotjar stands out for its ability to passively collect a large amount of data while customers browse your website and answer your surveys. They offer a suite of heatmap and behavior recording tools that allow you to monitor your customers’ interactions, generating valuable insights other software would be blind to.

Strengths: Power

Hotjar’s ability to continuously track and record customers’s experiences with your web offerings in real-time is second to none. Couple this survey distribution functionality with incoming feedback features that captures customer satisfaction as they browse, and you have a fearsome behavior NPS platform. 

Weaknesses: Ease-of-use, Customizability

Hotjar is not an easy jumping off point for newcomers to NPS - it has far too many options and the data can overwhelm those who are just beginning to measure overall NPS. It’s survey delivery isn’t as customizable as other options for this reason and because it focuses on gathering behavior insights. 

Cost: Medium

Hotjar has a different pricing model than most - it charges relative to number of recording sessions - see below or click through here to access all their offers.

3. Delighted - Best for Omnichannel Survey Delivery

Best for: Omnichannel Survey Delivery

Delighted can quickly transform your delivery to suit any audience with email, SMS, and web based NPS delivery options as well as CSAT and CES survey capability.


Strengths: Customizability, Integration, Customer Service

With a much-lauded client support system, Delighted excels at customer service. Their platform also has manual question and filter capacity and is built for easy integration with top CXM solutions like ZenDesk, SalesForce, Office 360 etc.

Weaknesses: Power

The Delighted platform, like SurveyMonkey, isn’t designed as a primary analytics software and benefits by being paired with a CXM platform or native feedback analysis software

Cost: High, free basic plan

Delighted offers a generous free basic plan, but it’s premium plans come in at $224/mo and $449/mo respectively

4. SurveySparrow - Best for Advanced NPS

Best for: Advanced NPS

SurveySparrow can take existing NPS campaigns to the next level by tweaking their follow up question as well as generating new, specific close-ended prompts.

Strengths: Customizability

With ‘pulse survey’ functionality, dynamic customer segmentation, and survey scheduling, SurveySparrow makes sure that the possibilities for your NPS survey blasts are only limited by your team’s imagination.

Weaknesses: Ease-of-use

SurveySparrow is a great buy for those already well-versed in NPS distribution but could be overwhelming, option-wise, to a neophyte.

Cost: Varied

SurveySparrow offers a wide variety of business plans ranging from the relatively cheap $99/mo to a hefty $449/mo.

5. AskNicely - Best for Customer Retention

Best for: Customer Retention

AskNicely takes a futuristic view of NPS, with a focus on the end goal of customer retention through boosted loyalty.

Strengths: Integration, Ease-of-use

In addition to its custom integration with Intercom and other CRM platforms, AskNicely emphasizes onboarding with offerings such as their eBook, an instruction manual to improve your NPS. 

Weaknesses: Power

AskNicely, like others before it, isn’t a complete analysis platform in its own right.

Cost: Custom

With experts trained to build ideal custom-made plans for every business, AskNicely offers free demos to answer all your questions and find a price point that works for you.

6. InMoment - Best for Closing Feedback Loops

Best for: Closing Feedback Loops

Formerly Wootric, InMoment separates itself from others by focusing on resolving customer issues i.e. closing feedback loops and increasing the loyalty of existing customers.

Strengths: Ease-of-use, Customization

InMoment offers in-app surveys to boost customer engagement and QR code survey delivery services among many other delivery options designed to boost engagement.

Weaknesses: Similarity

InMoment is a capable, complete NPS feedback platform that can handle any NPS challenge. However, it has few distinguishing features to separate it from its competitors.

Cost: Custom

Free demos are available from InMoment to build a plan and platform to work with any size business.

7. GetFeedback - Best for Pairing with SalesForce

Best for: Pairing with SalesForce

GetFeedback accurately describes itself as a customer experience platform in its own right. But it reaches its true potential through its custom integration with SalesForce.

Strengths: Custom Integration

SalesForce ranks GetFeedback as the #1 CX feedback service for a reason - its plug-and-play integration with SalesForce’s software makes it a must for existing SalesForce users.

Weaknesses: Versatility

If you don’t use SalesForce, GetFeedback won’t be as effective.

Cost: Custom

Free-of-charge demos are available to fit you into one of GetFeedback’s three pricing plans, or to build a custom-fit for your business. 

8. Survicate - Best for Customer Segmentation

Best for: Customer Segmentation

If you want to focus your NPS by targeting specific demographic groups, look no further than Survicate. Its ability to build detailed customer profiles is unparalleled.

Strengths: Customizability, Omnichannel Delivery, Integration

Survicate can easily deliver surveys through multiple channels (text, SMS, web, app and more) to the most critical customers.

Weaknesses: None

With varied integrations and an advanced-yet-intuitive UI in addition to its other offerings, Survicate is as close the complete package, when it comes to NPS software, that you are going to encounter. 

Cost: Low

Survicate offers a free basic plan and premium plans ranging from $89 to $419 /mo.

9. NiceReply - Best for Marketers and Support

Best for: Marketers and Support 

NiceReply helps bridge the gaps between your CX, Sales, and Support teams. With a focus on clocking the performance of your digital assets, NiceReply’s platform blends user behavior analysis and customer profile generation to accurately predict trends.

Strengths: Analytics

As you can see in the above screenshot, NiceReply offers significant analysis capability with a variety of options to help you parse your NPS feedback.

Weaknesses: Ease-of-use

NiceReply has a ton of functionality but this can be a double-edged sword. There is a learning curve to mastering its platform.

Cost: Varied

NiceReply’s plans range from $39 to $239 /mo

Speaking of analytics...

10. MonkeyLearn (that’s us!)

The MonkeyLearn Studio is the most powerful feedback analysis platform out there. While it is not a NPS delivery service itself, it can be paired with any of the above options to create an industry-leading customer feedback approach. 

Survey delivery and survey analysis go hand in hand - a feedback analysis platform like ours allows you to make the most out of the data you have gathered.

Furthermore, the MonkeyLearn Data Visualization Dashboard allows you to display all our data in one place and according to your needs. This makes uncovering insights and trends easy and presenting to other teams simple. Try out our free public dashboard here (also pictured below).

Employee Net Promoter Score Chart showing 9-10: Promoters, 7-8: Passives and 0-6: Detractors


Every business deserves a perfect fit NPS software. While all of the above are excellent options that make evolving your NPS simple, finding your perfect match (NPS software-wise - a specific need) can make the difference between leading CX and CX that leaves the customer wanting. 

We hope this guide helped you find a software option that excites you - or, if nothing else, gets you thinking about your NPS approach. The right tool can free your CX team to do the work they were meant to be doing.

Don’t forget that any NPS software can be supercharged by MonkeyLearn’s suite of analysis tools - sign up for a demo with one of our feedback experts today, or jump right in with a free trial.

Tobias Geisler Mesevage

August 4th, 2021

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