Customer Feedback

Analyze customer feedback at scale with Machine Learning

Automatically categorize and sort through customer feedback, product reviews, NPS comments and more

Analyze feedback at scale

  • Save time by instantly sorting through feedback about your product.

  • Help inform product decisions by analyzing for product aspect, sentiment, emotion, opinion units, etc.

  • Draw from anywhere on the internet: reviews, NPS comments, support tickets, etc.

Centralize Criteria and Control

  • Apply the same lens and criteria to all of your feedback.

  • Reduce errors in classification and processing with centralized text analysis models.

  • Your team controls further training to help improve module accuracy.

More Insights for Your Product

  • Account for complex feedback by breaking them down into individual “opinion units”.

  • Extract topics and trends and compare how they evolve over time.

  • Apply text analysis to both incoming feedback and all of your historical data.

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Which models are our clients in Customer Feedback using?

Public Classifiers

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Sentiment Analysis

This is a generic sentiment analysis classifier for texts in English. It works great in…

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Product Sentiment

Classify product reviews and opinions in English as positive or negative according to their…

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NPS Product Feedback Classifier

Classify NPS responses for SaaS products into categories like…

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Emotion Classifier

Helps to detect emotions in texts (e.g.: anger, disappointment, or happiness)…

Public Extractors

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Keyword Extractor

Extract keywords from text in English. Keywords can be compounded by one or more…

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Opinion Unit Extractor

Extracts opinion units from a given text. Useful to separate paragraphs or sentences into...

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Summary Extractor

Summarize text in English. Given a text, the output will be a shorter version of it that…

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Email Cleaner & Last Reply Extractor

Extract the last reply from an email thread. A cleaning modu...

Custom Models

Product Aspect Classifier

Classifying reviews or opinion units by the specific aspect...

NPS / Survey Feedback

Categorizing NPS comments by a criteria customized for your product or service.

Competing Product Aspect Classifier

Analyze and classify reviews of competing products to be able…

Custom Sentiment Classifier

Make your own sentiment classifier with your own conte...

Custom Extraction

Train a machine learning model to look for and extract specific pieces of data.