Turn reviews into business improvements and increase your ratings.

Analyze thousands of reviews in a single pane of glass. Readily identify strengths and vulnerabilities by each separate business unit and product feature.

Powering the world’s most data-driven companies

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For marketers, access to analyzable reviews from multiple sources.

Receive centralized, cleaned, and visualized reviews from the app store, G2, TrustPilot, and more. Generate more leads by knowing how to improve review ratings and product claims.

    Product managers create customer-led products.

    Know and fix the most common product problems in public reviews. Build in the requested features that customers are actively talking about.

      Provide customer service with timely and detailed analyses of reviews.

      Be proactive and not reactive to changing customer sentiment and demands. Counter customer churn by anticipating problems and redirecting to key product features.

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        Megan Merrick

        Associate Director, Innovation and Brand Experience @ Freshly

        “Being able to look at feedback in one central location has been huge for us, [...] MonkeyLearn essentially allowed me to analyze data without bothering our data team.”

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        Corey Nunn

        Operations Analyst & Client Services @ MoxiWorks

        “MonkeyLearn has streamlined our ticket routing processes, as well as given us newfound control over creating custom ticket responses to high-impact issues.”

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        Danny Cole

        Director of Web Services @ Golden Proportions

        “I was alarmed to see some of the assumptions I made were wrong. MonkeyLearn’s dashboard helped me understand what was happening at a more granular level.”

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        Savannah Krenzel

        Software Engineer @ Garmentory

        “With all MonkeyLearn changes, they [site moderators] have already cut down a third of their time… It was such a quick turnaround it was refreshing.”


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