How MonkeyLearn Works

Connect your text data

1. Connect your text data

You can upload CSV/Excel files or connect with your apps via direct integrations, Zapier or API. Text may come in various formats such as:

  • Emails

  • Support tickets

  • Reviews

  • NPS Feedback

  • Surveys

  • Social Media

2. Turn your text into tags

Use text analysis models to tag your text automatically. Select from premade models, or build your own custom classifiers and extractors, powered by machine learning.

  • Classifiers are used to classify text into defined categories. Eg: Sentiment, Topic, Aspects, Intent, Priority, etc.

  • Extractors are used to extract pieces of data from text. Eg: Keywords, Features, Names, Dates, Prices, etc.

Put your tags to work

3. Put your tags to work

Use your MonkeyLearn tags to make new information about your business, and to build new workflows in your apps.

  • Get insights by connecting with visualization tools like Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, Mode and more.

  • Inject tags back into your existing apps so you can analyze your data or automate workflows within your apps.


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