Integrations through Zapier

Zapier enables anyone (marketing, support, sales, HR, operations, product) to connect the web apps they use to run their business, without writing code.

How to use MonkeyLearn with Zapier

Customer Service


Automatically classify and enrich support tickets within Zendesk with MonkeyLearn.

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Automatically label your Gmail emails. based on the content of the subject and body.

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NPS and Surveys

Automatically classify open-ended feedback collected from NPS.

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Analyze Retently feedback with MonkeyLearn and tag new responses.

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Automatically classify open-ended feedback collected from Delighted NPS.

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Marketing & Media

Help a reporter out

Analyze HARO requests with MonkeyLearn and get notifications for relevant ones via Slack.

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Business Intelligence

Product Hunt

Use MonkeyLearn to keep tabs on competitors with a customized Product Hunt notifications Slack bot.

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