Ticket routing on Autopilot

Automate ticket tagging, routing and prioritization for every single ticket. Ensure a consistent and scalable criteria. Spend less time doing manual stuff and more time helping your customers.

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Automatically route and prioritize tickets

MonkeyLearn will automatically tag your tickets based on topic, issues, intent, sentiment or priority. You can use the tags within your support software in combination with routing and priorization rules.

  • Automatically route tickets based on topic, issue or intent.

  • Consistently prioritize incoming tickets based on your own team’s criteria and customers’ urgency.

  • MonkeyLearn integrates with the tools you already use and love!

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Eliminate manual and repetitive processing

Automatic tagging will enable your team to focus on closing more tickets instead of doing manual data processing.

  • Save time by automatically tagging new incoming tickets.

  • Ensure consistent tagging criteria without errors.

  • MonkeyLearn works 24/7 and real time!

Obtain reporting and insights

Consistent and automatic tagging will help your team discover new insights from your support tickets

  • Track trending customer requests, issues and opinions over time.

  • Identify how to improve self service channels and discover valuable feedback.

  • Slice and dice your tickets with the tools you love!

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Testimony profile
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Megan Merrick

Associate Director, Innovation and Brand Experience @ Freshly

“Being able to look at feedback in one central location has been huge for us, [...] MonkeyLearn essentially allowed me to analyze data without bothering our data team.”

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Corey Nunn

Operations Analyst & Client Services @ MoxiWorks

“MonkeyLearn has streamlined our ticket routing processes, as well as given us newfound control over creating custom ticket responses to high-impact issues.”

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Danny Cole

Director of Web Services @ Golden Proportions

“I was alarmed to see some of the assumptions I made were wrong. MonkeyLearn’s dashboard helped me understand what was happening at a more granular level.”

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Savannah Krenzel

Software Engineer @ Garmentory

“With all MonkeyLearn changes, they [site moderators] have already cut down a third of their time… It was such a quick turnaround it was refreshing.”


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