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How Golden Proportions Marketing Analyzed Call Transcriptions to Prove ROI

About Golden Proportions Marketing

Golden Proportions Marketing is a dental marketing and new business acquisitions firm. They use a mixture of data, industry experience, and custom-built marketing strategies to target new customers and build marketing programs that are unique to each dental practice they work with.

The Challenge: Analyze More Customer Calls Consistently & Quickly

Golden Proportions Marketing records and tracks their clients’ calls, then listens to and scores them for quality assurance and outcome.

  • They were using part-time contract employees to track, manually transcribe, and tag calls to record outcomes, which only allowed them to analyze about 20% of the approximately 250,000 relevant calls that would come in every year.

  • Even if they upped their budget five-fold, it would have been impossible for humans to manually sort all the incoming calls. Furthermore, the more human analysts working on the project, the less accurate the results would likely be, because human analysis is always somewhat subjective.

  • Golden Proportions were using too many employees to handle calls for dozens of clients. And they needed to show results within days or hours, rather than months or weeks.

  • Their ultimate goal was to prove ROI, to show their clients that their marketing campaigns were, indeed, performing. And help them implement the findings to create a reporting platform for their customers to use.

The technology had to integrate with their platform and needed to be up and running within a month, just in time to handle high volumes of data during the high season.

The Solution: Use AI for Analysis at Scale & More Detailed Insights

  • MonkeyLearn’s SaaS scalability allowed Golden Proportions to go from analyzing 20% of their calls to analyzing all of them, with the added accuracy of machine learning.

Golden Proportions elected to use Twilio to handle and record calls, and Rev, an automated platform that converts audio to text, to handle the transcription of their calls. Then they fed these transcripts through MonkeyLearn’s text analysis tools to automatically manage all the analyses that humans were previously doing.

They used topic classification and sentiment analysis to classify calls into distinct categories for their clients and answer some meaningful questions:

  • Was the call a new patient opportunity? If so, did the employee convert? What was the outcome?

  • What was the sentiment polarity of the call/caller: positive, negative, neutral? This gave them a chance to understand what kinds of sales techniques work well and what kinds are off-putting, and which employees typically garner positive reactions and which may need some more training.

  • If an employee missed a new patient opportunity, what was the main obstacle mentioned? Cost? Business hours? Scheduling?

  • They also wanted to identify trends throughout the industry – what new topics were clients inquiring about: invisible braces, teeth whitening, etc.?

The Outcome: 100% of Client Calls Analyzed & Swift Delivery of ROI Proof

Danny Cole, Director of Web Services at Golden Proportions, explains, “We produce a lot of opportunities for our clients, but we didn’t always know what actually happened. Listening to the calls lets us know what is happening.”

Using MonkeyLearn’s dashboard, Golden Proportions are now able to show their clients’ text analysis data in real time, to see exactly how many calls are converting, what’s trending, and help them train their own employees to better convert potential customers.

“The biggest benefit for us as a marketing agency,” Cole continues, “was that we were able to give ourselves credit. So, we’re able to give our salespeople more ammo to say, This is what’s actually happening here: Here’s all the money we made you. Here’s all the money we saved you. Here’s all the money we generated for you.”

They were able to show how many calls were generated for their clients and what the outcomes were. “Immediately we were able to say, ‘Here’s what happened in all the calls.’ Now we can produce an answer for ALL the calls versus a small subset.”

“One of the guarantees in our service is that we will produce a positive ROI for you. And MonkeyLearn helps us measure that more accurately – significantly more accurately,” he added.

With MonkeyLearn visualizations of the call analyses, Golden Proportions’ clients are able to see the data as it changes over time and dig into distinct timeframes, topics, sentiments, trends, and more.

Cole goes on to say that most dental practices’ missed opportunities are typically due to staffing issues. Incoming calls from potential clients often go unanswered, because the front desk is left unattended during lunch breaks or they don’t have an after hours answering service.

Now, with data to back it up, Golden Proportions are able to show their clients that their marketing efforts are, indeed, producing potential patients, but if one or more calls go unanswered, their clients are unlikely to make a conversion. So, they just need to institute some new practices to nab the new clients. “Customers are always startled at how many opportunities they’re missing,” he said.


“I was alarmed to see some of the assumptions I made were wrong. MonkeyLearn’s dashboard helped me understand what was happening at a more granular level.”

Danny Cole

Director of Web Services @ Golden Proportions


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