Case Study

How MoxiWorks Revolutionized Their Ticket Routing System

About MoxiWorks

MoxiWorks is a web and cloud-based platform for real estate brokers and brokerage firms that combines and consolidates client outreach channels and technologies. They enable brokers to save time and better communicate with their customers.

The Challenge: Improve Ticket Routing & First Ticket Response Times

  • MoxiWorks deals with dozens of brokerages and thousands of individual brokers and clients and needs communication to work fast.

  • The team at MoxiWorks was using Zendesk to centralize their customer queries from email, websites, phone calls, and other channels of communication. But tickets were sent to a general unassigned queue before being distributed to a random support agent.

  • Reading through each ticket manually and sending them to an appropriate agent would have required a lot of time and employee power.

The Solution: Automatically Route Tickets to Specialized Agents

  • The team at MoxiWorks trained MonkeyLearn’s no-code machine learning models to automatically read, analyze, and tag customer queries to ensure that customer support agents only received tickets that they could confidently solve.

At Moxiworks, there are about 10 support agents, four of which are new and only trained on a single product within their first month. Now, with machine learning on their side, MoxiWorks can send tickets directly to agents who have been trained to handle requests about their designated product.

“It has absolutely revolutionized our ticket routing system.” – Corey Nunn, Operations Analyst & Client Services, MoxiWorks

By automatically sorting tickets by product for their new support agents – which has also allowed them to silo support requests for future training – management at MoxiWorks no longer has to help with the bulk of customer requests. This means more time to focus on leading their teams.

Additionally, armed with Zendesk’s AnswerBot and MonkeyLearn’s accurate predictions, MoxiWorks can now send automatic and customized replies to customers almost immediately. That way, the customer is not left waiting until their ticket has been distributed to get an initial answer.

The Outcome: Faster, More Efficient Ticket Routing

“MonkeyLearn has streamlined our ticket routing processes, as well as given us newfound control over creating custom ticket responses to high-impact issues.”

Corey Nunn

Operations Analyst & Client Services @ MoxiWorks

With automated ticket analysis and routing in place, Corey is confident that MoxiWorks will be able to adapt and support its growing customer base.

He is also excited about the pro-active data-driven decisions his team can make based on real-time insights delivered by MonkeyLearn:

For example, setting up customized auto-replies for trending issues, detecting negative sentiment around particular features and rooting out the cause (e.g. bug issues, product updates), and decisions about staffing and training.

Corey regularly reviews MonkeyLearn’s dashboard with his support team managers and is already using the live data to respond more quickly to trends and changes in customer behavior.

“Before we were reporting on last week’s data, but now we can compare data from today and yesterday. It allows us to be much more agile in how we address increases in customer requests, and the product issues that might be causing that.”, said Corey.

“It’s honestly incredible the potential this has”, he added.


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