Case Study

How Social Status implemented sentiment analysis fast and efficiently with MonkeyLearn

About Social Status

Social Status is a social media analytics platform used by thousands of digital marketers and advertisers all around the world to track and report on their social media marketing efforts including owned pages and profiles, ad performance, competitor analysis, and influencer analytics.

In 2018, FinancesOnline (the leading B2B software review platform), awarded them both the Great User Experience Award and Rising Star Award in the Social Media Management category.

The story

User comments on social posts are nuanced and can indicate advocacy through friend tagging, positive sharing behavior but also negative behavior. These different behaviors are gold for brands because they enable a virtual finger on the pulse of how their communities (or competitors' communities) engage with brand posts.

"Friend tagging, sentiment, themes, keywords, entities, hashtags, and emojis can all be derived from post comments and can, in turn, provide great learnings and insights for marketers about crafting better content or adjusting messaging in future posts."

The Challenge

Some brands receive hundreds, even thousands of comments on posts which in itself creates an almost impossible task of tracking and deriving quantitative insights.

  • For most marketers, creating monthly, quarterly and/or campaign reports is one of the most manual and time-consuming tasks.

  • Tracking reactions and likes on brand posts is one thing but making sense of all the comments on Facebook posts, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, and Tweets can be tricky.

The Solution

  • Thanks to MonkeyLearn, Social Status effectively automates the entire process of reporting on social comments, breaking down and quantifying all the different ways consumers react to brand content.

For Social Status, it made little sense to create a sentiment and classification engine when MonkeyLearn's core business revolves around exactly this. Also, integrating and setting up MonkeyLearn is so seamless that it can be up and running in no time at all. MonkeyLearn's technology now plays a vital day-to-day role in Social Status, enabling users to effectively explore and breakdown user comments at scale.


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hours saved


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“MonkeyLearn powers core parts of our platform and has been critical to our success and traction with users. Not only that, the team are fantastic to work with.”

Tim Hill

Co-Founder & CEO @ Social Status


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