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Use this phone number extractor to automatically extract phone numbers from websites, Facebook, Google, and beyond. Try it out now.

Automatically extract phone numbers

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NUMBER(619) 231-0251
NUMBER(619) 231-1515

Name extraction benefits:

  • Extract numbers from your business data
  • Take on 20% higher data volume
  • Automate data extraction and entry

What Can This Phone Number Extractor Do?

Automatically extracts North American phone numbers from text (emails, websites, Facebook comments, and more) in English and returns them with unified formatting. All the numbers extracted will be valid under the North American Numbering Plan, which means they can be from the US, from Canada, or from certain Caribbean countries.

How to Extract Phone Numbers

  1. Sign up to MonkeyLearn for free to upload your Excel or CSV data to the phone extractor. Alternatively, use one of our integrations with Gmail, Google Sheets, Zendesk, and more. Or, simply copy and paste your data into the model.

  2. Click on ‘Extract Text’ and you’ll receive an output of your data with the numbers tagged as Phone_Number. In the app version of MonkeyLearn's Phone Number extractor, you’ll also see a List and JSON file with the results.

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