Automate workflows in 1,000+ apps with text analysis

Use Zapier to connect MonkeyLearn with apps such as Typeform, Front or Zendesk to enrich incoming text with text analysis.

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What it Does

  • Analyze text at scale.

  • Sentiment, topic, intent, keywords, and more.

  • Discover insights from data and automate processes.

How it Works

Use our Zapier integration to connect MonkeyLearn with other apps in these 3 simple steps.

1. Choose the trigger

Create a new zap and decide which app will trigger the zap.

Choose from more than 1,000 apps including survey tools (e.g. Typeform or SurveyMonkey), spreadsheets (e.g. Excel or Airtable), customer support (e.g. Zendesk or Front), and more.

2. Add a step to analyze text

Add a second step and select MonkeyLearn as your action app. Then, select the analysis done by our AI: either classification or extraction.

Next, choose the machine learning model you want to use and select the incoming text to analyze.

3. Use the tags in another app

Finally, add a third step to use the tags in another app and activate your zap.

Incoming text will be processed by our AI and tagged automatically where you need it to get insights from your data and automate workflows.

Want to learn more? Check out the Help Doc!


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