Build High Accuracy Text Analysis

From topic classification and sentiment analysis to entity extraction. Train and integrate custom machine learning models in a matter of days, not months.

Customized text analysis

Obtain high accuracy results by training your custom text classifer or extractor

  • Create custom topic classification, sentiment analysis and entity extraction.

  • Import your text data, define your custom tags and train your models with a simple GUI.

  • Models will be trained in our cloud and will be instantly available for production.

Quick Integration

Test and integrate your models in minutes

  • One click integrations with the apps you love.

  • Quickly process your data in Google Sheets, CSV or Excel.

  • Integrated to hundreds of apps through Zapier.

Beautiful API, SDKs and Docs

Built for developers by developers

  • Scalable infrastructure, ready for production.

  • Built-in open source SDKs for major languages.

  • Top notch API documentation.

curl \
--data '{"data": ["first text", {"text": "second text", "external_id": "ANY_ID"}, ""]}' \
-H "Authorization: Token [YOUR_API_KEY]" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-i \
from monkeylearn import MonkeyLearn

ml = MonkeyLearn('[YOUR_API_KEY]')
data = ["first text", {"text": "second text", "external_id": "ANY_ID"}, ""]
model_id = '[MODEL_ID]'
response = ml.classifiers.classify(model_id, data)
require 'monkeylearn'

Monkeylearn.configure do |c|
  c.token = '[YOUR_API_KEY]'

data = ['First text', {text: 'Second text', external_id: '2'}]
model_id = '[MODEL_ID]'
response = Monkeylearn.classifiers.classify(model_id, data)
puts response.body
require 'autoload.php';

$ml = new MonkeyLearn\Client('[YOUR_API_KEY]');
$data = ["first text", "second text"];
$model_id = '[MODEL_ID]';
$res = $ml->classifiers->classify($model_id, $data, true);
const MonkeyLearn = require('monkeylearn')
const ml = new MonkeyLearn('[YOUR_API_KEY]')

let model_id = '[MODEL_ID]'
let data = ['first text', 'second text']

ml.classifiers.classify(model_id, data).then(response => {
import com.monkeylearn.MonkeyLearn;
import com.monkeylearn.MonkeyLearnResponse;
import com.monkeylearn.MonkeyLearnException;

public class App {
    public static void main( String[] args ) throws MonkeyLearnException {
        MonkeyLearn ml = new MonkeyLearn("[YOUR_API_KEY]");
        String modelId = "[MODEL_ID]";
        String[] textList = {"first text", "second text"};
        MonkeyLearnResponse res = ml.classifiers.classify(modelId, textList, true);
        System.out.println( res.arrayResult );

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